Concept’s RATFREE system integrates a combination of technological and conventional methods for controlling various rodent pest species and subsequently reduces the dangerous diseases associated with them there by ensuring that our client’s health and property is protected in the best possible way.

Concepts RATFREE system consists of the following methods:

Rodent Bait Stations
Rodent bait stations are cost effective control solution against rats and mice. They provide a practical, safe and ongoing system that require little servicing. These rodent bait stations are strategically positioned around your property to help reduce rodent incursions. Internal rodent bait stations are often used in conjunction with non-toxic traps and monitoring blocks. This allows our PMP’s to effectively monitor rodent activity and to take prompt action as required

Break back traps / Snap traps
Glue boards / Live cages
Professional break back rodent traps, rodent glue boards and live trap cages are used to control rodent populations that have intruded your building. They are effective tool for promptly reducing rodent infestations.


Rats and mice can be a problem in commercial and residential establishment. They infest old buildings and crowded, unsanitary areas that exist in an urban environment. However, they can also be a problem even where newer homes and sanitary conditions exist. Since these rodents eat practically anything humans eat, they get plenty of food from home gardens, fruit or nut trees and even parts of some ornamental shrubs and flowers. Garbage disposals also attract rats into household and street sewer lines. Rats and mice have long been a problem on farms where food is plentiful and convenient nesting sites are both numerous and hard to eliminate.

They eat food and contaminate it with urine and excrement, gnaw into materials such as paper, books, wood or upholstery which they use as nest material. They also gnaw plastic, cinder blocks, soft metals such as lead and aluminum, and wiring which may cause a fire hazard.

They or the parasites they carry, (such as fleas, mites and worms) spread many diseases such as plague, jaundice, diarrhea etc.

Rats and mice are socially unacceptable. These rodents have been a problem for centuries, chiefly because they have an incredible ability to survive and are so difficult to eliminate. In addition, they are extremely compatible with human behavior and needs.